Advertising in NYC

At Advertising in New York City we have complete coverage of the five boroughs, as well as Long Island and Westchester.

Through our online marketing and advertising and printed media we currently reach more then 10 million plus viewers, and growing.

Our direct viewership of coverage in the NYC area is aproximately three million a day.

Our expertise in reaching your potential customers in the NYC area will help drive you the results you need. From online marketing and advertising, to having your ad’s placed in local publications and into the hands of faithful readers, and a powerful street team engaged in Guerrilla Marketing, we deliver exceptional results!

NYC Local Advertising

Marketing and Advertising in the Bronx

We know the Bronx!

Our Marketing Specialists have the ability to target the customers and viewers you need to reach. Our current list of partners that we network with to stream and distribute your message is extensive, and our ability to reach hundreds of thousands of Bronx residents on a daily basis will serve all your needs.

Advertising in Brooklyn

The word on the street in Brooklyn

Are you looking to get the word out in Brooklyn? We have the street team, online technology, and printed media partners to get the word out on the streets of Brooklyn.

Advertising in Queens

Queens. The real melting pot of NYC!

Out of all the boroughs in NYC, Queens is the most diversified out of them all.

With so many types of people, little cities amongst themselves, knowing Queens like we do will allow us to target in on the market you need to reach.

Advertising in Manhattan

Manhattan – The most famous city in the world!

A borough of culture and commerce, Manhattan is the central island in the New York archipelago. Its Midtown is a hub unto itself: Spanning 30th Street to 50th Street from river to river, it’s home to corporate headquarters, fine hotels and restaurants, and landmarks as varied as the United Nations, the New York Public Library and Madison Square Garden. Visitors flock to the Broadway shows of Theater District and nearby Times Square, as well as to Bryant Park.

The northern reaches of Manhattan include thriving Latino communities in Washington Heights and Spanish Harlem. Harlem is one of the City’s biggest neighborhoods and a historic center for African American music, art and culture. The Upper West Side is home to Lincoln Center, a seat for performing arts; the Upper East Side offers fine arts at the Metropolitan and Whitney museums, along with high-end shopping in Madison Avenue boutiques. And Central Park, between the two, is an 843-acre oasis for residents and visitors alike.

South of Midtown, Chelsea is home to art galleries and nightclubs, while the relatively low buildings of Greenwich Village “historic townhouses, shops and restaurants” make it one of the sunniest neighborhoods, and one of the nicest for a stroll. To the southeast, NoLIta is ideal for boutique shoppers, while the bordering East Village is known for its funky offerings, with experimental music clubs, theaters and cutting-edge fashion; New York University is in the area.

Farther south still, the Lower East Side retains some of the shops and cultural institutions from its days as an epicenter for many Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, but it’s also a stylish address, with new buildings drawing residents and visitors. As chic as ever, SoHo’s distinctive cast-iron buildings look down on throngs of shoppers and fashionable boutiques; the warehouses of TriBeCa, too, today serve as homes, shops and restaurants.

Famed for its restaurants and bustling markets, Chinatown is a thriving residential community that continues to draw new immigrants. And the Financial District is Manhattan’s original neighborhood historic sites and high finance sit side by side on the narrow streets that hark back to Peter Stuyvesant and New Amsterdam’s first settlers.

Downtown is also the jumping-off point to take the Staten Island Ferry for a free ride that brings great views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and New York Harbor.

With so much going on in Manhattan, it is hard to imagine that it continues to grow and develop but it does. The future of Manhattan can be seen in the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s (NYCEDC) Sherman Creek Neighborhood Plan in Inwood at the very top of the island, to Lower Manhattan and the East River Waterfront plan to create public amenities and community areas for locals and visitors.

Find out more about the dining, shopping and events of Manhattan.

Advertising in Staten Island

Staten Island. The in’s and out’s

Reaching those on Staten Island can be tough, unless your us!

Our network of advertising professionals are ready to reach the residents of Staten Island and deliver your message to those you intend on reaching.

Let us help you get exposure on Staten Island.


Many have asked us why we have included Westchester as NYC. Well if you live in the NYC area you know that Westchester is part of the family!

From great shopping to some of the best restaurants, Westchester is part of NYC in our book.

Long Island

From peaceful days out in Montauk, to extravagant weekends in the Hamptons, Long Island is as much part of NYC as any other borough.

With an unlimited market and spending consumers, we have the ability to get you the results you need on Long Island alone!

No matter where in New York City you want to advertise your business, product or service Advertising in New York City can help get you the results you need.